About Us

​​​​Our mission is to address worldwide
healthcare inequities


PharmaValue Partners (PVP) is a human-centered consultancy that elevates patient, caregiver, and healthcare professional perspectives to transform care and propel medical innovation.

Since our founding in 2011, we’ve used our curiosity and passion for creating positive change in healthcare. We’re not afraid to adapt and dive deep – in fact, our expertise lies in the challenging research that has us “sculpting fog” or recruiting rare and vulnerable patient populations.

Our highly customized deliverables provide research-driven and people-oriented solutions that go beyond the data to get at what matters.

Headquartered in Asbury Park, NJ, PVP is a fully remote global company with locations across the United States and Europe

“PVP thrives on a highly collaborative style of working, and the passionate community we’ve created together. We leverage our team’s unique experiences and diverse backgrounds to enrich our market research and consulting capabilities. Although we each have our designated roles to play, the hands-on nature of our company means that everyone who touches a project is well-versed in making an impact.”

Martin Szostak

PVP Founder